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Finally, a bright spot in aging.  Luminescent Serum has just become available to the public, and it’s already turning heads for it’s ability to dramatically restore the appearance of your skin.  The groundbreaking serum, developed by the masters at Luminescent, has proven to be one of the most effective serums in recent memory.  Even more, it’s changing the way the industry thinks about facial serums.  If you want anti-aging results, and you want them fast, there is no better way than Luminescent Anti Aging Serum.  For a limited time, you can try Luminescent risk-free through the trial program.  Click the image to claim your package before spots run out.

Luminescent Serum is breaking all the rules when it comes to serums.  In fact, it’s much more similar to some of your favorite moisturizing creams than it is to your typical serum.  But it improves on that cream by giving you a fast absorbing formula that instantly hydrates and lifts, for better looking skin in seconds.  While it’s delivering that quick supply of moisture, it’s also working to improve your skin long term, with a complex blend of peptides that help your skin to look beautiful for months and years to come.  It’s truly a great serum, and one we expect to see used widely in coming months.  But if you want to get early access, it’s as simple as signing up for the trial.  Ready to see if you qualify?  Click the button below to see if you qualify.

How Does Luminescent Serum Work?

Luminescent Serum works by targeting the reasons your skin develops wrinkles in the first place.  One of the biggest reasons why we develop wrinkles and other marks of aging is a loss of moisture.  That moisture loss happens over time, and occurs naturally.  But as we get older, that moisture loss starts to compound, making your underlying skin structure effectively “deflate”.  The exterior skin then falls into those recesses, giving you a rough, wrinkly, and blemish-filled skin.  By addressing the reasons why we lose moisture, namely the process of transepidermal water loss, Luminescent Serum is able to help recoup, and even reverse some of that damage.  The results?  Well, they’re, frankly, luminescent.

Why Use Luminescent Anti Aging Serum

There are a lot of reasons to use Luminescent, but the most common one is that it works.  The serum is a simple solution to a very complex problem, and does it better than any premium product on the market.  But there is a reason we like even more.  It means that people who want results won’t have to go under the knife, or get injections, or participate in the latest bee venom craze.  It’s a real, safe alternative to these procedures, and a much more cost-effective one at that.  So if you’re tired of wrinkles, age spots, blemishes, or if you just want to take a more proactive approach to your aging process, then you need to try Luminescent.

Luminescent Serum Benefits:

  • Works Great on Wrinkles
  • Reduce Moisture Loss
  • Improve Skin Appearance
  • Great For Daily Use
  • Non Comedogenic Formula

Luminescent Serum Reviews

Reviews for Luminescent Serum have been pretty hard to come by, honestly.  Sure, there are your typical early birds with reviews up, but those are mostly for the sake of selling other products.  The few actual user reviews for Luminescent Serum that we’ve seen have been positive.  Users point to a good, easy to use and fast-absorbing product.  While some haven’t really cared for the scent, the fact is that many products that do smell good are packed with alcohol-based scents that can further dry out the skin.

Luminescent Serum Formula

The formula for Luminescent Serum is largely a mystery, but we do have a couple clues to what they’re using.  As we mentioned before, they’re using peptides, or at least claiming to.  Peptides are a pretty standard skincare ingredient.  But when they’re used well, they can provide some really serious skin building results.  The ingredient is huge when it comes to preventing moisture loss, including the loss of moisture through the epidermal barrier, or TEWL.  It’s a proven effective ingredient, and we definitely like seeing it in the formula.  Another one in the formula that we like is collagen.  They’re using a nice collagen form that takes full advantage of the full-chain molecule.  This makes it highly usable by the skin, and, ultimately, highly effective.

Luminescent Serum Trial Program

The trial program for Luminescent Anti Aging Serum is somewhere between good and great.  It’s definitely good in that it gives you a way to try the product.  But we could see why it’s not a Casanova to some people.  They’re giving it to you absolutely free or anything.  But they are giving it to you for the cost of shipping, and at least letting you try it out before you buy.  That’s a nice touch, and we can see why a lot of people are finding it an attractive option.  Ready to see if Luminescent works for you?  When you click the banner below, you’ll head straight to the trial page.  There is a ton of information about the trial you’ll want to read before you sign up.  Ready to get stared?  Click the banner below!

Recommended Pairing:
There has been a lot of talk around our skincare community about the benefits of actually pairing Luminescent Serum vs not pairing it at all.  We’ve come to the conclusion that while you can pair it with no problems, it might actually be best to use it by itself.  Obviously you can use your existing cleanser and daily moisturizer with it, too.  We’ve even heard of some people using it every other day to make it last a bit longer.  Your choice, but results get better with more frequent use.  Ready to order your trial bottle?  Click the banner below to get started today!

Luminescent Serum

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